Mortgage / Homebuyers Tree Reports and Tree Related Subsidence Investigations.

Attractive trees and shrubs are an integral part of any garden. There is also research to suggest that houses on tree-lined streets sell for more than those on streets without trees. However, under certain conditions, trees and shrubs can damage built structures. This can occur as physical damage, caused by above or below ground parts of the tree touching and damaging a structure.

Damage may also be caused by subsidence, where trees or shrubs reduce the water content of a clay soil, causing it to shrink. Conversely, tree removal can cause an increase in a soils water content and cause it to swell. This is known as heave.


Family holding model of house and tree in hands

Mortgage / Homebuyers Tree reports.

We can provide arboricultural reports to home buyers and mortgage lenders. Our reports will assess the likelihood of damage being caused by surrounding trees and shrubs. The Mortgage / Home Buyers report also contains tree safety assessments with recommendations on future management. Owen Hutchison holds the LANTRA Technical Award in The Preparation of Mortgage (Home Buyer) Tree Reports.


Tree Related Subsidence.

Tree related subsidence is a common problem in the UK, particularly in London and the south-east, but also in other parts of the country with shrinkable clay soils. Working closely with other industry professionals, we can conduct investigations assessing tree related subsidence claims. Our bespoke reports will assess whether ‘on the balance of probabilities’ a tree(s) is an effective cause of subsidence damage.


House on tree in green spring garden